Presenter Instructions

Oral and Poster Presentation Guidelines

Congratulations on your acceptance to present at the Congress. Below are the guidelines for oral and poster presenters. It is important that you carefully read and follow these guidelines to ensure that you are prepared for your presentation.
Only presenting authors of accepted abstracts who have completed their registration for the Congress (including payment of fees) by 7 May 2014 will retain their places on the Congress scientific program

Oral Presentation Guidelines

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Technical sessions will be scheduled throughout the week of the Congress starting on Monday, 6 October. The full schedule of technical sessions will be available in July, when it will be posted on the Congress website. A Speaker Ready room is available: Room 254B in the Salt Palace Convention Center. You must load your presentation into the presentation system at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled presentation.

  • Presentations may be made in any one of the official IUFRO languages (English, Spanish, French, or German). If you choose to give your presentation in an IUFRO language other than English, PowerPoint presentations must be in English.
  • You must load your presentation into the presentation system in the Speaker Ready Room (#254B) at least 24 hours prior to your presentation time. Technical assistance will be available should you require it. An online system will be available one month prior to the Congress to pre-load your presentation. We encourage you to do this to minimize congestion in the Speaker Ready Room during the Congress.
  • You may not load your presentation in your technical session room or use your personal computer for presentations.
  • Internet is not available in the technical session rooms; any videos, etc. must be embedded in your PowerPoint presentation ahead of time.
Useful Tips
  • Have a limited number of key messages and do not try to communicate every detail!
  • Speak slowly and clearly; plan your presentation out before your session so you are prepared.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

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Scientific posters will be presented throughout the Congress week on panels in the main Poster Exhibition Hall, organized by IUFRO Division:

* Poster panels will be 106 cm wide and 101 cm tall (42” wide x 40” tall).Your poster size should be approximately 100 cm (39 inches) wide and 100 cm (39 inches) tall.
* Presenters are requested to put up their posters by 12:00 on the first day of the Congress (6 October).
* Posters must be removed on Saturday, October 11 before 17:00.

Poster Size and Orientation
  • A number of PowerPoint poster templates for posters are available. Many users can download these for free.
  • We suggest using the 39” (100 cm) wide x 39” (100 cm) tall PowerPoint Poster Template.
  • Posters may be in any official IUFRO language (English, Spanish, French or German), although English is preferred.
Preferred Fonts
  • Serif fonts such as Times are suited for most text.
  • Sans-serif fonts such as Arial are good for titles and headings.
Useful Tips
  • Consider your audiences and simplify your message for those who do not have much knowledge about your particular field of research. Be brief. Express your ideas in a concise form.
  • Have one clear message and do not try to communicate every detail!
  • You may choose to print your poster when you arrive in Salt Lake City. Fees for this service are variable and you may have to arrange to pick up your poster from the store if you choose this option.
  • For available printing service options and prices in Salt Lake City, click here.