IUFRO Business Sessions

These sessions are intended for administrative and business issues related to IUFRO units, and not for the discussion of substantive research issues. Research Group and Working Party meetings will be held on Monday and Tuesday, and Divisional meetings will be held on Friday.

President’s Discussion

The IUFRO President’s Discussion is open to all registered delegates.
Location: Hall E
Dates: Tuesday, 7 October – 08:30-10:30
Description: A panel of distinguished stakeholders representing different perspectives will engage in a dialogue with the participants about what they see as emerging issues in forest policy and practice. This will give the opportunity to present to a global audience of scientists the topics that should be prominently featured in the scientific agenda in the years to come. The focus will be on the perspectives of nature conservation, recreation, business and industry, development cooperation, and youth.
Moderator: Niels Elers Koch (IUFRO President)
Keynote speaker: Robert Bonnie (U.S. Department of Agriculture, USA)
Panel discussion: Yemi Adeyeye (International Forestry Students Association, Nigeria),
Tuukka Castrén (World Bank, USA), Craig Hanson (Global Director Food, Forests & Water, World Resources Institute, USA), and Emmanuel Ze Meka (International Tropical Timber Organization, Japan)

International Council Meeting

Attendance at this meeting is by invitation only.
Location: Hilton Hotel
Dates: Tuesday, 7 October & Friday, 10 October from 15:30- 18:00